Welcome to UADM
Unix administration, security and support
What Do We Offer
-Part-time system administrators and consultants for your business network.
-Support & optimization of Unix/Linux networks large and small including solutions for e-mail, web, DNS, FTP.
-Security and privileges management such as integration, maintenance, and installation.
What Do You Get
-Fast, quality service with the highest level of support and professionalism, all under your budget.
-Avoid the cost and hassle of a full-time administrator. You'll have a professional and affordable sys admin on call for all your project needs.
-Full-fledged tech guru guaranteed to handle all your information technology needs.
-Always available with clear answers and swift troubleshooting.
What Do We Bring
-Proven performance with networks built entirely from the grounds up.
-Corporate experience with executive positions at E&M Computing, EMC, Bank Hapoalim, Barak Communications, Gizmoz and in the last 10 years Sweethome.co.il and Vaccines.org.il.
-Flexible and free open source code. No more restrictions by wieldy and expensive system licenses! We have years of experience in professional implementation and maintenance of open source tools.
-Dedication, experience, communication skills, excellent work ethic, quality, and excellent service!
We take pride in the high quality service we offer to our clients. Contact us today to see how we can provide professional solutions that fit your needs and budget.
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